Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nap failure

I've been so tired basically every day this week ... my own fault, because I've been going to bed too late and thus sleeping too little. Today I've been just longing to sleep, all day. So when I got home from work this afternoon, I decided to go lie in the sun for a while, read some and try to take a nap. Well, I tried ...

I did get some reading done. I didn't feel too good, though. Partly from the tiredness. But also the sun was so hot that it made me feel headachey and almost a little sick. After a while I tried for that nap. And I almost managed to get to sleep, even in the light ... but then ...

But then, Kampen Janitsjar suddenly showed up from out of nowhere and held a mini concert on the lawn outside my building! :-o WTF??

I have no idea what they were doing here.

They sounded fantastic as they always do. But they are not nap-conducive to their surroundings.

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