Saturday, May 24, 2008

The voting begins ...

[These will be my ongoing comments as the results are revealed, little by little.]

12 points to Russia from Ukraine, what a surprise ... ;-)

Looks like a showdown between Russia and Greece. Go Russia!! Come on, Europe!!

I'm surprised that Bosnia & Herzegovina are doing so badly. :-(

But Sweden is seriously bombing. Balm to my soul. >:-)

Our commentator this year is so boring. It's her first year and she's doing a lousy job IMO. She's repeating herself and is just ... dull. Apparently she's been told by NRK to be 'neutral' or something. Bad choice. Come back, Jostein Pedersen ... !!

Russia's winning, yay!!! I knew it!! Happy happy ... ! :-D

Sweden gave us their 12 points! OMG!! Nå står ikke verden til påske, as we say round these parts. ;-)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: MOSCOW 2009!!! :-D

Russia will crush Sweden like a bug and we'll meet in Moscow in 2009!! :-D

Happy happy, joy joy!! :-D

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