Sunday, May 18, 2008

FRANCE 2008: Sebastién Tellier - Divine

Gasp ... !! The French, competing in English!! What IS the world coming to?!? :-D

The video for this song is brilliant, fantastic. I dig it. Probably the best video this year, hands down. Unfortunately there is no way they'll be able to reproduce it on stage. It'll be very interesting to see what they'll do with this.

I like this song. It's a new style for the contest, it's original, the guy's obviously a professional. I don't think it'll do well though. Unfortunately. It's too, what's the word, experimental? Too low-key, certainly. One must look in vain for a real chorus.

This is quality music for my money, but I'm not sure it'll have the chance to attract a lot of votes. Although I wish it would.

It's probably actually not a good thing for the Big Four that they don't have to compete for their places in the final. Because this is a song that would benefit a lot from being heard by the audience more than once.

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