Thursday, May 15, 2008

Something happy, something sad

I went shopping after work today. Got some errands done and bought some cool stuff. One thing I got was the ESC CDs. International. I've been buying the CDs for ... I guess about four years now ... and they're the only CDs I'm willing to pay full price for. As in, I buy them when they're brand new, instead of waiting for them to be pushed out of the bestseller lists to where the price drops. I was really excited about getting home and listening to my new CDs.

Then when I was on the subway on the way home my mother called to tell me that my grandmother has had a fall and has been taken to hospital. :-( She is 91 years old and lives alone, in her home where she has lived since my mother and my uncle (they are born in -43 and -46) were little. She had been resting and when she got up, she fell - her left arm and leg were numb and she couldn't control them properly. Fortunately she had her personal alarm on her so she was able to call for help. Now she's in the hospital, they have taken blood which they will be running tests on tomorrow. They couldn't say what it is that's happened. But presumably she has had a tiny stroke (not her first). My uncle will be going to visit her tomorrow. I wish I could go and see her too, although it would make me very sad to see her like that. But my parents and I live too far away, it's a five hour drive from where I live, and a little longer than that from my parents' house.

I haven't listened to my new CDs yet. I am so much less excited about them now. :-(

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