Thursday, May 15, 2008

ARMENIA: Sirusho - Qele qele

The world's oldest state ... with eight million expatriates ... ;-)

This girl apparently was a child star when she started out. She certainly is professional enough. Kind of cool video ... it'll be fun to see what they'll do with this on stage.

As for the song- yes, why not!! Catchy, you remember it right away. And it has a bit of the ethnic thing that they go for down East. :-) And it has a modern beat that will appeal to us in the West. It's very cleverly done, this entry. The singer has both a good body and a good voice- that's a good combination in this contest. ;-) She's good and the song is good. This has serious chances of going far.

Yerevan 2009?? :-o

It's nice to see the drums again this year ... ! We can never get enough of the drums! :-D

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