Thursday, May 22, 2008

Semi final number two!

Dare I venture a guess tonight ... ?

I am certainly 100% completely & utterly sure of the fate of one entry tonight. There is no way in hell that Lithuania will be able to get anywhere whatsoever with that steaming turd of a song they have sent. Sorry, 'song'. No way. Burn!!

I also hope & believe that the Latvian song will not be heard again. And I can't believe the Czechs have any chances.

I am completely sure that Ukraine will get to the final.

Who else will make it through to Saturday?

Croatia and Bulgaria, I hope very much. I think their chances are really good.
Turkey, I wouldn't be surprised.
Maybe Albania for the first time ever, if the viewers want to see a pretty young thing. :-)
Belarus, deservedly, I guess I must admit, but unfortunately.
Malta. Why not. A quick song and a pretty good singer. Depends on the presentation. (I'm talking to you, Slovenia.)
Hungary, sure. The audiences went for a boring ballad on Tuesday, so why not. (This one is better than the Polish one, IMO.)
Switzerland would deserve it this year, if they present the song well.
Maybe Georgia. Depends on the presentation. The song is full of cliches, but sometimes people really dig cliches. :-)
Sweden, I fear!! NOOOO ... !!! The song is worthless. It has nothing. And the singer looks like a plastic drag queen doll. For my money it shouldn't even be there, but I fear the worst.

And the others? Iceland? Nah. Denmark - I hope not, their song is such a ripoff. Cyprus, probably not. And I'd guess not Macedonia either (hope that's not just wishful thinking :-).

Portugal I really don't know. I wouldn't vote for it. But maybe it has something. I can't really tell. :-)

On with the show!!

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