Sunday, May 18, 2008

BULGARIA: Deep Zone & Balthazar - DJ, Take Me Away

This is a song that I thought I'd hate when I heard about it. But when I actually heard it, on the contrary, I loved it. And from Bulgaria! This is their fourth year in the contest. Their debut 2005 was absolutely pathetic, and 2006 not much better. But then last year they seemed to have started figuring it out. And this is brilliant!! Nocturne for the 21st century! :-D

This is going to be a huge hit in discos around Europe this summer.

Another example of how so many different genres are being presented in the contest these days. I normally don't like this style of music, but I love this song. And I think it's great that they're trying something new and not going the safe route. Kudos.

BUT how they will do in the contest depends to a huge extent on how the song is presented on stage. May be a difficult song to do much with live. I'm very curious to see what they'll do.

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