Saturday, May 24, 2008

Latvia, Sweden, Denmark

Boo hiss!!
This is just crap. I can understand why some intoxicated people may vote for this ;-) but it really is ... amateurish, not on the level of the rest of these entries ... or most of them, anyway. ;-)
It must be sad for their choreographer to see this.
It's mindboggling that this made it to the final.

They are trying to use that gimmick of theirs, but fortunately the camera people haven't understood what they're trying to do and ruin it for them. Tee-hee. :-)
Charlotte is awful, the performance is awful and the song is awful! They are all robots and the song is a soulless monster. ARGH!! Don't vote for this, Europe!!

I do like his outfit.
He has a good voice and a good stage presence.
This is a pretty good entry, but I don't think it's got what it takes.
Good luck, Denmark, but I don't see this very high on the list.

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