Thursday, May 15, 2008

GREECE: Kalomira - Secret Combination

Again with the stupid lyrics that would have been so much better in Greek so that we wouldn't have been able to understand just how dumb they are ... !!

Catchy, I guess. But I am so not in the target audience for this song. Bubblegum pop for tweenyboppers. It will do well because young people watch down East. (Regardless of the contest results it will no doubt become a huge radio hit around the Mediterranean this summer.) Yeah, it is catchy. I just think they're trying too hard. And there's too much chorus and not enough verse, IMO.

The show on stage is probably going to look great. They'll make a serious effort with the scenography.

This is a very professional entry. V. clever that they're making it sound so modern and hip yet have managed to integrate some traditional Greek instruments into it as well.

(Bitchy aside: She's says in the song that she's 'not easy', but she sure dresses like she is. >:-)

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