Sunday, May 18, 2008

UNITED KINGDOM: Andy Abraham - Even If

Ah, the Eternal Second ...

At least they don't have to worry about the bitterness of ending up in 2nd place yet again ...

This is so old-fashioned!! It's not in itself a bad song. Just rather bland. But it sounds so old! It sounds like something Stock/Aitken/Waterman could have produced in 1988. Are they trying for nostalgia ... ??

He's a pretty good singer, he could have done so much better with a better song. And he's pretty goodlooking, that can't ever hurt. ;-) I think the UK may do better with this than they have in recent years, since Westerners may like it, but it may be too anonymous to make much of an impression on audiences.

Unfortunately for the UK, they have drawn almost the worst starting slot imaginable - they're starting second. Which may cripple their entry's chances before it even gets on stage. :-(

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