Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finland, Romania, Russia, Greece

I like this song, but come on! This is exactly what they did two years ago, just without the masks. I don't think we'll be seeing this on Saturday. I don't think audiences want this now. And the presentation is boring. Raise your hand anyone who has not seen this dozens of times before ... ?
It's great that they're singing in Finnish, I really appreciate that. But I don't think this will get anywhere.

A pretty ballad, but what else is new?
They both have good voices, I'll give them that, but ...
I kept waiting for something to happen to make this song special. It's a good song, a strong ballad, but again, I don't see where the hook is that will make this stand out above the rest.
Romania's one of the ESC greats in recent years. They're favorites this year too, but I'm really not sure.

Yees ... !! My favorite this year. :-) Go Russia ... !!!
They will get a shitload of votes because Dima Bilan is Dima Bilan.
And he certainly does believe. :-D Psycho intensity, much?
Oh look, he's doing a Sandie Shaw ... !! LOL!
Yes, nothing says 'I have faith' better than a tame Olympic ice skating champion ... :-D
This is another song that's really growing on me. I dig it. I believe!! :-D
No question about it, Russia's in the final.

Hey, it's Britney Spears five years ago ... ;-)
Now that is odd - I remember her voice as being better in the video ... ;-)
It's working pretty well anyway. An insanely catchy song will get you far. And here comes the ethnic vibe ... :-D
Personally I don't dig the presentation, but that's me. Many will no doubt like it.
I'm sure that Greece will be part of the show on Saturday too.

A great ending to the show so far. :-)

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