Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moldova, San Marino, Belgium, Azerbaijan

Great to see another new style of music. Good singer, I like her voice. The song is nice, a good melody. Definitely has charm. They may do well, and may not. The song itself is good, but maybe too untraditionally ESC.
And the presentation was ... not good.

San Marino:
Angry rock my shiny metal ass. Whiny emo pop, more like.
I do realize that San Marino is a very small country, but surely they could have found at least one person with a better singing voice than this?
Bo-ring!! I stand by my assertion that this doesn't stand a chance.

I like this song. And I love her dress!! :-D
What this song has going for it is that people will definitely remember it. Instant earworm, a chorus that anyone can get, immediately. And great presentation.
I really don't know how this will go down with the voting audiences BUT I definitely think they have a fighting chance.
A lot of ESC nostalgia vibes in this entry. A lot. :-)

This is one of the entries I'm most interested in seeing the presentation of. (Argh, lousy sentence.)
OK ...
I'm not sure if it's money they have less of than the Belarusians, or creativity ... But they're certainly doing their best with what they have.
I like this song. But as to how it will do ... I think that depends on whether young people or middle-aged ones are voting. ;-)
My opinion: They should not have tried to recreate the video, they should have done something totally different. But the song is good. They definitely have a chance for a spot in the final.

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