Sunday, May 18, 2008

HUNGARY 2008: Csezy - Candlelight

Oh, Hungary!! I dig Hungary. :-)

They are rather ambivalent about the contest- participated for some years and then dropped out for what, seven years ... then made a fantastic comeback in Kyiv. They should have won IMO. That song was so beautiful. Then they didn't enter the next year, don't know why, maybe they were disappointed that Forogj, világ! hadn't won. But the next year, another great comeback, with last year's blues which was brilliant too. This year ... meh.

This is a beautiful ballad, ie, yawn. It's very slow and kind of soporific. She has a lovely voice, but that's not enough to save this entry. It's too boring, it has no hook whatsoever.

A little sad, because I know Hungary can do soo much better.

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