Thursday, May 22, 2008

Czech Republic, Belarus, Latvia, Croatia

The Czech Republic:
What was that I was saying on Tuesday about backing singers who look like hookers ... ?
Oh, what a voice she has. She's a singer professionally? :-o Don't quit your day job ...
Bad song, bad performance, bad singer.
No chance.

I'm curious to see this presentation!
Pretty cool ... I like the star globes ... ! :-)
The song is genuinely catchy, it's a good song IMO. Belarus are getting to be a force to be reckoned with in the ESC. But they cannot and must not win!
They will get to the final, I will be extremely surprised if they don't.

What complete and utter crap.
They can't sing very well. They look like idiots. And the song is just, in a word, STUPID.
This is like a bunch of amateurs dressed up to entertain children at some birthday party.
They look like they're starting to lose their enthusiasm for their own entry now ...
Oh, please just give it up ...

Oh, I love that old guy ... !! He is so cool, and it's so cool of them to have him in the act. :-)
And this song is just beautiful. Lovely. :-)
They've got to get to the final, I can't imagine they won't.
A good presentation. Fun and simple. :-)
I dig that old geezer ... !!! :-D

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