Thursday, May 22, 2008

The results are in!!

Ukraine. Of course. As if there was ever any doubt. ;-)

Croatia. Yes!!!

Albania. Oh, that's so nice for them. I thought they might. :-)

Iceland. What?!? WTF??
I so did not expect that.

Georgia. But that was less unexpected. ;-)

Denmark. WTF again?? Surprised, again.

Sweden. Nooo ... !!! :-(

Latvia. WHAT?????
Europe, you disappoint me ... !!! >:-(

Turkey. Yeah, I thought so. :-)

Portugal. Not entirely surprising.


KAS said...

WTF is the most appropriate response to all these results. Well, except Sweden and the Ukraine. I can understand that, considering. But the rest of this?? Europeans' taste in music is even more beyond me than I initially thought. (I mean, Iceland?!?!?!)

It's almost depressing - we're going into the final and I have no favourite. I don't think any of the 38 songs I've heard & seen so far deserves to win. The songs really are unusually bland and meaningless this year, and you've heard most of them fifty million times before. And yes, I'm including Russia (!) in that assessment.

I'm starting to think maybe Bosnia & Herzegovina should win. Or whoever it was that had that strange theatre-ish "song" with the laundry and women knitting...? Just, you know, points for originality.

Leisha Camden said...

Maybe you will just have to root for Norway this year ... ?! :-D

Don't say that about Russia ... ! Yeah, it's not the best song they've ever sent. So not ideal for them to win with. But it's still a good song (and Putin may have Stockselius assassinated if Russia doesn't win this thing soon ;-) and for my money, Moscow 2009 is the place to be. :-)

I don't think that the offerings this year are lower than the normal standard, as such ... but I do think that the lineup this year is unusually even. There's not much there that stands out and makes you think, Yeah! That's the one!

The law of averages is perhaps taking its toll ... ?

ITA that the Bosnians are on to something. I think they'll probably do really well. They deserve to this year, they have really tried to be genuinely original. I hope it pays of for them, but I think it's not quite spectacular enough to win. :-)

Anyway, you know, it's not too late to discover a favorite. Maybe France will sweep you off your feet ... ?! ;-)

Leisha Camden said...

Pays off ...