Sunday, May 18, 2008

SERBIA: Jelena Tomasevic featuring Bora Dugic - Oro

The guy who wrote this song is the same guy who will be hosting the show for Serbian TV. What happens if Serbia wins? Will he present the trophy to himself?

(For those who may not know it: the person/s actually competing in this contest is not the singer/s, but the composer/s of the song. Although that is not often made clear.)

I have to wonder about how smart it is to send an emotionally charged ballad the year after one has won with an emotionally charged ballad. Because traditionally the audience tends to want something different, and the winning song is usually something different from what has won in recent years. Plus of course it's statistically more difficult to win with a ballad than with an uptempo number.

But I'm sure there are many in Serbia's neighboring countries (and elsewhere, although perhaps to a lesser degree) who will think that this is absolutely beautiful. So they will get many votes from that. And it is beautiful. And she's pretty and she has a good voice. (Gorgeous dress, also. :-) I'm sure Serbia will do well again this year. But, well ...

Personally I just feel that Molitva was a much better song, with a much stronger melody line. They deserved to win last year. I don't think they do this year. I think this is a step down, so to speak, from last year's entry. It's a little boring.

And in any case, I don't want them to win, anyway, because I never want the host country to win. There should be a rule against it. :-) Both for the ESC itself and for the host country's national broadcasting company, it is much much better to keep the contest on the move. :-)

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