Saturday, May 24, 2008

Seven hours and counting ... !!

Not long now ... !! :-D

I'll venture a few guesses, I've had some more time to think it over now. :-) Let's see.

If Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Armenia or Norway win, I will not be surprised.

If Sweden wins, I will not be surprised, but I will be sad. :-(

If Croatia or Bosnia (or Portugal ... ?? :-o) wins, I will be a little surprised, but happy. :-)

If any other country than these wins, I will be surprised. In some cases very surprised.

If Latvia wins (yeah, right) I will be FURIOUS.

These IMO deserve to do well, apart from the above:

These IMO do not deserve to do well, apart from the above:
United Kingdom

If I were to get everything my own way :-) I would want Russia as the winner, Latvia at rock bottom with zero points, Sweden not much above them (but they will do well though, sob) and excellent results for Bosnia, Croatia and France. Other than that, let the points fall where they will. :-)

The latter three I think deserve a lot of recognition for making such a great effort this year. France has really made a serious effort, their song is very good and it's so great to see such an unusual entry. I wish them the best of luck with their entry. Bosnia & Herzegovina deserve serious points for originality and creativity. And Croatia deserve points for the same things, and also for just having hands down the most charming entry of all this year. Maybe they should just win the whole thing?? :-) I would be thrilled for them if that happened. They have never won before, and they have never deserved it more than now. :-)

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