Thursday, May 15, 2008

SWITZERLAND 2008: Paolo Meneguzzi - Era stupendo

I've heard commentators around here saying how much they dig this song. (And some who hate it. Of course.)

It is a pretty good song. Too ballad-y, maybe, to get that far this year. In Italian, serious kudos for that. So great to hear the Swiss actually using one of their own languages instead of going for English as they have done the past, what, four years. (Too bad Italy isn't in the contest, the big babies!) But it has a good melody, it's an uptempo ballad, and the singer (good voice) puts some pretty convincing emotion in his performance, so I don't know, it could do well. But on the other hand it is very mainstream and I'm not sure to what extent they will get votes on that. It could go either way for this song.

Great video. :-) When I've heard this a few more times it will probably become one of my favorites from this year.

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