Thursday, May 15, 2008

BELARUS: Ruslan Alenho - Hasta la Vista

Just so we're absolutely clear on this: Belarus can under no circumstances be allowed to win the Eurovision Song Contest. I don't care how good their song is and I don't care what the votes say- if it has to be rigged, I don't care, but Belarus cannot and must not win the ESC. I do in principle want the best song to win, but not if it is Belarusian. And I loved their song last year, it's fantastic, enough that I was really worried. Fortunately they only got to 6th place. Here's hoping they will never do better until some serious changes have happened.

I normally don't think politics should interfere with the contest, but I make an exception for Belarus.

As for the song - what a title! And why, when they have two languages, must they force the poor guy to learn English lyrics like some parrot?? Singer kind of cute - he looks somewhat like the guy they sent last year. Hm, imagine that. Cool video ... but then again, my 91 year old grandmother could make a cool video with 200 dancers and an unlimited costume budget. It's what it looks like on stage that really counts. The danger is that when they were faced with that exact same problem last year, the results were beyond fantastic. Awesome, and I do mean that. So they are a real danger. This song will probably do well, if they make it look good on stage. Catchy, a chorus that digs in immediately, and they have mastered the old technique of giving the song a title that anyone in Europe can understand regardless of their language background. However, of all such titles available, I would have to say that this is the worst possible choice. You kind of have to work at it to like a song with this title.

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