Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am called to the hunt ... !!

For a book! :-)

BookCrosser zimort has been to Oslo today, s/he's been to the Official BookCrossing Zone I run in a café downtown. Picked up a couple of books and released some. I got emails about the books s/he was planning to release two days ago ... and one of them is a book I'd really love to read. So after work today I'm off on a hunt, to see if my luck will hold and the book will still be there.

Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I see you found it :D

Let me know if it is any good; I looked at that book in the store several times at one point, but ended up never buying it.

Leisha Camden said...

I did find it! Yay!

I will certainly let you know and if you're interested you can have it after me. I have high hopes for it as I've read another book by Xinran (The Good Women of China) which was very interesting and moving. I'll let you know. :-)