Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Armenia, the Netherlands

Is it catchy, or is it annoying?
It's certainly is a beat that sticks in your mind very quickly ...
But nil points for presentation! She looked so pretty in the video! What have they done with her? What on earth is that thing on her head??
Sorry, Andorra. I thought you might qualify this year ... but no, you won't.

Bosnia & Herzegovina:
LOL!! How come I can't stand those other gag entries, but I dig this?? :-)
This isn't a gag entry on the same level as those others, though - this is based on a rhyme for children, and like so many such rhymes it definitely has something undefinable. This song keeps getting better and better the more I hear it.
The presentation is weird, but it works.
Bosnia, you're in!!

Now here's an entry we should be keeping our eye on. No question, Sirusho will be on stage on Saturday. No doubt in my mind. I'll be seriously surprised if she's not.
A really good song, professionally performed and a good presentation.

The Netherlands:
This is good!!
I already like this song a lot. It has so many great elements. And she's wonderful. :-) Good presentation, I dig her dress.
The Netherlands have serious chances this year. I think a lot of Easterners will go for this ... and quite a few in the West too, though probably younger people mostly.
This is a really good entry. Me like. :-)

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