Thursday, May 22, 2008

Iceland, Sweden, Turkey

The song is OK as far as it goes, but it's just so absolutely nothing special. Can't imagine we'll be seeing this on Saturday. It's a good party song, but it's oldfashioned. It's a kind of song that just isn't sent to the ESC anymore, normally. Maybe ten years ago this would have done well, but that was then and this is now.

Fortunately they've been given the worst possible slot ...

Out of the light, like a star, like a hero
Love will survive
Taking the fight is the life of a hero
Staying alive

WHAT does any of this mean???? It means NOTHING!!! It's like this is being sung by a person who doesn't know the language she's singing in. It is so utterly devoid of any semblance of meaning. The last phrase in this chorus is 'staying alive' ONLY because 'alive' rhymes with 'survive'. That is the ONLY reason. I am offended by these lyrics. Humans have brains and cognitive capacities, why deny this??
She looks SO AWFUL ... !
Yep, they're doing the b/w thing. But it doesn't work as well here as it did in the national final. It isn't that clear here that that's what they're doing.
She really is made entirely out of plastic. Everything she does is just rehearsed, mechanical. This is so awful. How can this possibly be a favorite?!?
Charlotte Perrelli's own personal hero is her mom. Oh, gag me with a spoon.

Serious kudos for singing in Turkish!!
Yeah, this is good!! Turkish rock! They definitely need to be there on Saturday. I think I would vote for them if I could.
I think this song is cool, it really does rock :-) and they are professionals on stage. Much better than the weirdness Turkey normally sends. V. good!!

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Anonymous said...

It's great to hear Turkish indeed. After initial surprise it was actually OK