Saturday, May 24, 2008

Azerbaijan, Greece, Spain

It's almost impressive - to manage to be both vulgar and unoriginal and sing badly at the same time.
I like this song less and less every time I hear it.
This is where some of those Serbian snipers would have come in handy - where are they when we need them??

Another potential winner. Though I hope they won't win as this is far too much like My Number One.
Not very original, but incredibly catchy.
Not a very good voice, and the performance is pretty tasteless. Tacky is the word I'm looking for. Stop importing Americans to this contest right now!!
They'll do well. But, well ... I'm not impressed with the presentation.

Excellent ... !!
This is fun. I have a Chilean and a Serbian dancing in front of me right now. :-D This is really cool - best Spanish entry for years.
I think they may do well. But it would have been good if the audience had seen it before, that would have built up the expectations and gotten people more psyched up about it.
Good luck to Spain! They deserve it this year. :-)

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