Saturday, May 17, 2008

Are Irish people stupid or do they just not care?

Check this out:

I slammed the Irish turkey song on the BookCrossing forums - not any worse than I've also slammed a number of other songs - and the response from ... I think three :-D irate Irishmen is to slam me in return.

When you're discussing the ESC with a Norwegian, and the only way you feel you can score a point is by personal attacks ... that is really just sad.

Pay attention, people, I'm from Norway!! Nil points, anyone?? Hello? Norway nil points ... ?

EDITED TO ADD: I have nothing against Ireland or Irish people. I do not believe that Irish people are unusually stupid on average. The title of this post is intended sarcastically. Read the fucking thread.

(If you really needed to read this disclaimer ... Please, talk to someone. [Not me.])


Wolfgang G. Wettach said...

Did it occur to you that they might find offense in your tone that echoes in this post title?

Being from Norway is no excuse for bad manners, don't you agree?

I've known the three BookCrossing persons from LiveJournal for a while now and they are all very nice, likeable and civilized people. Should not you try to be such a person too?

After all, it is just the ESC - not the Irish referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty - we`re talking about here.

Leisha Camden said...

SirRoy, is that you??? :-o

If you are not someone from the BC forums, but just some random browser: Have you read the thread that I linked to? If not, you really don't know what you're talking about.

It did occur to me that they might find offense, but since the people I'm talking about seem to be literally searching high and low for OT things to be offended about, I didn't think I could take that into consideration.

Ever heard of sarcasm? The reason I chose the headline that you take exception to was that I had that very thing said to me. An Irishman said to me that I must be stupid or else not care. Because of this, I chose the headline you see for this post and linked to the thread where the personal attacks on me had been made. (Entirely unwarranted attacks as I had only commented on the song and nothing else. I had hoped my fellow BCers would be mature enough to return the favor.)

Being from Norway has nothing to do with bad manners, or with good manners, come to think of it. Manners have nothing to do with this. Please think before you post. Being from Norway is an excuse for others to slam my country for sucking big time in the ESC, which is my point.

Do you really think that when I say that the Irish entry this year is shit, that I am then also saying that Ireland sucks and every Irish person does too? If so, then I guess you too, like me, must be stupid or just not care.

As for me being non-nice, non-likeable and non-civilized, in your estimation, please consider the fact that you know jack shit about me and have no idea whether I am in fact as nice as a fluffy bunny rabbit and am simply expressing some annoyance with this post. (In any case, I will post whatever the hell I damn well please on my own blog, thank you very much. Don't like it? Don't read it. ;-)

If it is indeed just the ESC that we're talking about, then I really don't see why it's necessary for those few Irishmen I'm talking about in my post to get so worked up that they can't argue rationally and instead must throw personal attacks at me, saying that I must be stupid, calling me a lost cause, etc.

Read the thread. I stated my honest opinion, clearly marked as only my personal opinion, and was slammed for it. ONLY by the Irish, no one else has reacted unfavorably to my negative comments about their countries' entries so far. And although the Irish posters have told me that I should be more diplomatic, this clearly only applies to their song, which is hypocritical and something that I can't accept.

I am nice - when people are nice to me. When they call me stupid, however, I reserve the right to call them stupid in return. I do not believe in turning the other cheek - perhaps if I did, I would be a better person, but there you go. Let these people say that the Norwegian song is worthless crap, then we can talk. But when they say that I am worthless crap (I paraphrase), that's another story. I will be nasty to them then, and I don't think I'll consider it bad manners.

Thanks for reading my blog. :-) But next time, read the info I'm linking to as well. It's there for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Oh for god's sake get a life.

Leisha Camden said...

I see word is spreading ... :-D


Thank you, Anon, for making such a profound and insightful comment. You are clearly a great deal more mature and sophisticated than myself. I appreciate your input greatly. It really brings this discussion to a whole other level.

If I had known what fucking BABIES people were going to be about this I wouldn't have bothered to start that damn thread in the first place. (Gotta wonder what it is about those Irish, though, since I haven't heard from any Swedes about how their song is not like a rotting corpse. What is this nerve that I have touched?)

I'll think about getting a life, Anon, if you will GROW UP.

Now get back to the Chit-Chat forum. I'll no doubt see you there.

Leisha Camden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
constantweader said...

Are you deliberately setting out to make yourself disliked, or is it something you can't help?

If the former, you're doing a good job - congratulations.

If the latter, I'm sorry to hear it - I hope you get over it soon. (Maybe once the ESC has finished?)

(Signed, so you won't accuse someone else of being me...)

Leisha Camden said...

I yam what I yam.

To answer your question in all honesty, I can't say I really care all that much.

This is my blog and I will use it in whatever way I want. Including as a way to blow off steam occasionally. If you don't like what I write, then that's ... just how it is, really, but I'm sure no one will ever force you to read it.

As for 'signing' your comment, give me a break ... I'm not 'accusing' anyone, I'm guessing!! I would think that the difference should be obvious.

To show my questionable good will I will delete the comment I posted after getting that PM I mentioned in the post I will delete. I will not delete the post which contained my initial guess as this was in response to someone else's comment. In the true spirit of compromise, I trust that this will leave everyone dissatisfied.

constantweader said...

Since your first 'guess' suggested that a commenter who had actually signed his name (and was, if you clicked on the link, clearly a German speaker) was in fact an Irish BookCrosser, I think 'accuse' is the more accurate word.

Neither of the people you named would stoop to anonymous comments if they wanted to respond to you.

Leisha Camden said...

I reserve the right to use a jocular tone when writing posts on my blog and comments on same.

If this is not acceptable to you, do not read my blog.

constantweader said...

'Jocular' clearly has a different meaning in Norwegian.

You can, of course, use whatever tone you like posting in your own blog, but if it's public then you shouldn't be surprised if people comment on the way it comes across.

Leisha Camden said...

I'm sorry, but you really are forcing me to say this: 'Jocular' doesn't mean anything in Norwegian. It's an English word.


It's perfectly possible that you and others don't get my sense of humor. It's happened before and will no doubt happen again. But I fail to see how that's my problem.

I'm not surprised that people comment on things I've posted on the blog. (Although I did perhaps think it might take a little longer than six days and one posted link.) I'm just surprised that people bother, when they obviously think it's so stupid.

Before you get offended, I don't mean you particularly, cw. Just a general comment. It's almost impressive to me that someone would bother to read a blog for the sole purpose of posting on it that it sucks. But maybe that's something that people who have lives do. I wouldn't know, obviously.