Thursday, May 15, 2008

MOLDOVA: Geta Burlacu - A Century of Love

Moldova made a fantastic debut in 2005. Starting then and ever since they have made it a lovely tradition to swap their twelve-pointers with their dear neighbor Romania. :-) I'm sure that won't stop now.

This song - kind of jazz is what it's supposed to be, I guess, jazzy pop - is not my kind of music. I mean, personal taste-wise. But this is part of what I'm really loving about the ESC these days - all the different styles that are being presented now, it's not just same-same standard pop songs now. Last year for instance we had blues from Hungary and a big band number from Germany. Now here's some jazzy bluesy easy listening kind of thing from Moldova. Not bad. I think it's too off center to do very well in the contest. But I think it's great that they're doing it.

Geta is a big star too, down east, so I'm sure she'll get some votes on that.

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