Thursday, May 15, 2008

My first Topic of Interest - Belgrade 2008

The first entry looks pretty good, so I'll try adding some more. Let's start with something that occupies my thoughts to a probably disturbing extent these days - the Eurovision Song Contest. It's next week and I can literally hardly wait. I'm one step away from dreaming about it at night. The following posts will be my, hm, well-considered opinions on some of the entries. (More coming.)

These have been posted previously on the Chit-Chat forum on, where I'm trying to keep a discussion alive on the subject of the ESC. It's harder than I thought. My own fault, I guess, for saying such nasty things about the Irish entry. (Barf.) Who'd have thought it, though, since the Irish posters don't care about the contest - or so they say.

(Well, I guess it's true, since they only defend their own so-called song - they don't mind me calling a certain Swedish contestant the antichrist. Must be only Ireland's 'honor' they care about. And yet the very same posters say the contest doesn't matter ... ?)

Read on. It'll be interesting to see how my thoughts on these match up with the reality this coming week. I managed to pick the winner last year.

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